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Description: Indo-Pak Regiment of RAB

Sindhu Kingdom
Sindhu was a kingdom mentioned in the epic Mahabharata. It stretched along the banks of river Sindhu (Indus) in the Ancient Greater India, which is now India & Pakistan. It is believed that Sindhu kingdom was founded by Vrsadarbh, one of sons of Sivi. According to the "Glimpses of Ancient Sindh" authored by Mirchandani, its capital known as Vrsadarbhpura, later known as Sindhu.(source: wiki http://=

Sindhu Warriors regiments have been formed to assist in 'the long war', as it's sometimes called.
Sindhu Warriors is well trained and supported units operating on battlefields where the battle lines are poorly defined with enemies mixed amongst friends.


Sindhu Warriors Official Logo

Sindhu Warriors has a worldwide reputation for superiority,
a strong reflection of its commanders & troopers. This reputation derives from, and depends upon, unequivocal commitment, self-sacrifice and mutual trust

We face fear and danger, both physical and moral.
Our values are as follows:

-Selfless Commitment
The Sindhu Warriors is structured and trained for operations,
not for the convenience of administration in barracks. On joining
the Army soldiers accept a commitment to serve whenever and
wherever they are needed, whatever the difficulties or dangers
may be.

All soldiers must be prepared to use lethal force to fight: to take
the lives of others, and knowingly to risk their own. They may need
to show restraint, even when doing so involves personal danger.
They may witness the injury or death of their comrades but still
continue with the task in hand.

to be effective on operations, the Sindhu Warriors must act as a disciplined
force: commanders’ orders carried out, everybody confident that
they will not be let down by their comrades. Discipline is the
primary antidote to fear and maintains operational effectiveness:
it is supported by team loyalty, trust and professionalism.

Loyalty binds all ranks of the Sindhu Warriors together: it goes both up and
down. It turns individuals into teams, creating and strengthening the
formations, units and sub-units of which the Sindhu Warriors is composed.
The Nation, the Army and the chain of command rely on the
continuing allegiance, commitment and support of all who serve:
that is, on their loyalty.

-Respect for Others
Respect for others is a hallmark of the Sindhu Warriors it comes from
the duty to put others first and means that there is no place for
prejudice or favoritism. Like loyalty, respect for others goes both
up and down the chain of command and sideways among peers.

Soldiers must be welded into strong and robust teams in order
to achieve success on operations, where individual needs and
desires are subordinated to those of the team, however unpalatable
or dangerous. Therefore, integrity has a unique significance to
soldiering, it is essential to trust: soldiers must have complete
trust in each of their comrades for their lives may ultimately depend
on it. Integrity means being honest and truthful.

The Sindhu Warriors Standards

the Values outlined above underpin the ethos of the Army
and contribute directly to achieving operational effectiveness.
In sustaining these Values, every soldier must strive to achieve
and maintain the highest professional and personal standards. It is
impractical to identify here every standard required in every aspect
of a soldier’s professional and private life.

All soldiers have the right to live and work in an environment
free from harassment, unlawful discrimination and intimidation.
Any unjustifiable behavior that results in soldiers being unfairly
treated is fundamentally incompatible with the ethos of the Sindhu Warriors,
and is not to be tolerated.

Operational effectiveness requires the Sindhu Warriors to be physically robust
and, when necessary, to display controlled aggression: this requires
rigorous and demanding training. However, the use of physical
strength or the abuse of authority to intimidate or victimize others,
or to give unlawful punishments is unacceptable and will undermine
trust and respect. It is also illegal.

Appropriate Behavior
The operational imperative to sustain team cohesion and to
maintain trust and loyalty between commanders and those they
command imposes a need for a standard of social behavior more
demanding than those required by society at large. This is equally
necessary both on and off operations, on and off duty.
Social misbehavior can undermine trust and cohesion and,
therefore, damage operational effectiveness. Total Professionalism
It is axiomatic that all soldiers must exercise the highest standards
of professionalism, as befits their rank and appointment, at all
times to both safeguard operational effectiveness and also the
Sindhu Warriors’s reputation.


1. Respect the every single member of the clan.
2. be active at least twice per day and in the forum. [Announce Inactivity if you wants to inactive for some days]
3. Do not flame, break server rules or insult other clans/clan members.
4. No place for hackers in clan.
5. Major Generals will decide which team will play in game.[Prefer Euroasia]
6. Obey Clan Leaders and Players who have higher titles than you.
7. Do not fight with clan mates.
8. Always have the [SW] or [RAB] tag in your name.
9. Allowed all languages. We prefer English.
10. Try not to play alone when clan mates are online. We prefer Team work.
11. Members from other clans not allowed until they leave that clan.

Admins & Leaders of the clan :

  • Sprithunter
  • Doomz
  • Rosembly
  • JD