Write the first paragraph of your page here. Ok so this page is created by me.Well about me.....hmmm I am pursuer and I basically am nothing to this community....the funny thing is that I dun even have the community tag...u see they said u need 5k score for it and when I get it says u need 8k...nvm my life is as trolled as this usually.....I got kicked frm my clan cuz they thought I was impersonatin myself...LOooL


Well I was introduced to samp by my frnd [COD5]Kn1Ght ....he's the bro of that RR admin blaze.....this was my first server that I played(nah actually I played some homo Russian server for a few sec but nvm.....I was pissed after it XD )

So I played on COD5 ress since TW was little screwed then [they just released a v3]....


Well I really dun have one .....xD But now I play on BF as ress got fucked by those heavy shit man