The Co-Owner Mokerr has started on a project named CORP.
In the days of November / December, CORP was first displayed to the public. It was in beta for a while, but the server was more and more stable. The number of people were growing! There were many updates, and the server was therefore not always online. But the real players remain loyal and wait until CORP was officially opened. June was the month it officially opened. There are still some bugs, but it is getting better! During the time there was a lot of problem with Copy caters, many players tried to copy CO:RP and tried to steal our players. The whole LSPD was corrupt and part of the copy cat server! Though a copy can never beat the original, there were some internal issues that was not publicly revealed which led to the separation of this server from us in April 2012. Currently, it's closed and Mokerr and Radic (server and staff manager) are no more.

CO:RP is back but as for now it is not with COD5 community, though ExoSanty still provides a host for them.